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Marriage Classes

Weekly Marriage class

During this ‘stay at home’ season we have great ways you can stay connected to Lakewood and other married couples. You can connect with our marriage classes by selecting the links below to their Facebook groups:

Marriage BUILDERS (Melvin & Mary Banks)

Marriage WORKS (Jeff & Michelle Collins)

Marriage ROCKS (Richard & Sheri Bright)

Premarital Class

Premarital Classes

If you are wanting to attend our Premarital classes, we have partnered with Marriage Today to provide you with an online experience! Click the link below to get access to our Premarital Facebook group loaded with videos and worksheets to prepare you for marriage! Once you complete this class you will qualify for a discount on your Texas marriage license.

Marriage LifeGroups

Marriage LifeGroups

Join a marriage LifeGroup to help strengthen your relationship and get connected with couples in your area. Click on the link below to find a group near you.


Spark Marriage Conference

Stay tuned for more information about our annual Spark Marriage Conference.

This week's Notes 

Check out the following video and notes from our Marriage Classes this week!

A few notes from our In-Person Marriage Class with Keith & Sarah Hogden:

We say life happens but in actuality, our choices happen. Plan ahead. Plan your date night, hang-outs, etc. Make a choice to make your marriage successful.

Some couples get into a rut and stop choosing to love then spark and love leaves. God created love and intimacy in marriage. But we have to make a plan to keep them.


Check out the videos below for encouraging messages to help strengthen your marriage.

To watch the full video series, click below.


Marriage Resources


Check out these downloads and more to help you cultivate a thriving marriage!


Hope for Your Marriage Book

Hope for Your Marriage Book

by Clayton & and Ashlee Hurst

Marriage Resources

Our Best Life Together

by Joel and Victoria Osteen


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