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Joel Osteen encourages congregation


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Victory Begins In The Dark

Joel Osteen

A new day begins with darkness, but we know the light is just a few hours away. In the same way, though you may not see anything changing, you can trust that what God promised is on the way.

Your Time Is Coming

Joel Osteen

You may have had unfair things happen in life, but God has not forgotten about you. It's just a matter of time until you step into your breakthrough.

It Has To Go Back

Joel Osteen

What you're up against may seem permanent, but you have what you need to overcome it. When you speak God’s promises over your life, His word will cause you to triumph over every obstacle.

Ready to Rise (Testing Here)

Joel Osteen

(Testing Here) When you pass through a difficult season, you have to remember it’s not your final destination. You may be down now, but get ready to rise again. God is not going to let anything keep you from your purpose. You haven’t seen, heard or imagined where He’s taking you.


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